When Kids Hurt, Ozanam Cares.

missionBoxWideSince 1948, Ozanam has helped thousands of at-risk youth with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities. Our goal is to help them heal from past trauma and learn new skills so they can be successful in their homes, schools and communities.

Our programs include:

We are dedicated to a culturally diverse and inclusive environment. By embracing The Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed care, we are committed to creating a culture of healing and acceptance. To learn more about our services or request a tour of our facilities, please contact us at any time.

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“The three words that we most typically hear people use to describe Ozanam are CHANGE, HOPE, and GROWTH.”
– Rob Whitten, Ozanam President/CEO

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Ozanam is a member of Cornerstones of Care, a family of agencies dedicated to strengthening children, families, and communities through a continuum of health and well-being services. Read more about our affiliations and partners.
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